Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Introducing Arabic language

Arabic language is known to be one of the very few languages that have not been changed for centuries. Unlike English, French, together with many other European languages that witnessed many changes in terms of grammar, spelling and structure, it is very striking to find Arabic almost the same. The reason behind this is mainly, if not exclusively, attributed to the significant role of the Qur’an in preserving this language and elevating it to the state of holiness and reverence.
In tracing the roots of this language, we inevitably come across a very rich and glorious culture. It is the culture that emerges with the first appearance of the Arab tribes in the middle of the Arabian Desert, and extends to reach all of the Far East, Africa, and different parts in Europe.
Today, this language is deemed very important and vital in fields of economy, culture, religion, and civilization, as it is spoken by around 34 million people.
Knowing about this charming Arab world with all its tales and myths is best achieved by getting in direct contact with the source language. Even though translations are doing a good job in unveiling some of the secrets, there remain many gems and rubies delving deep in the bottom of this endless sea. The key for opening this huge golden gate wide and smelling the seducing Arab perfumes is the language itself.

To turn this desire from a far-fetched dream into a sort of a glowing reality waving from far away and getting closer and closer, then getting brighter and brighter, there is no better than learning Arabic with a native speaker from the comfort of your desk.
Never worry about your Level of Arabic. With us, even if you haven’t learnt it before, you will be pedagogically guided through the ABC’s of the language up to a fairly advanced level.

Skype will be the VOIP utility to get in contact with me and start learning Arabic with an Arab native speaker.
Compared with the quality lessons you'll get, and the high support you'll enjoy during these lessons, price is almost nothing: $1.5 per hour only 
To give our lessons a try, and learn more about our teaching support and abilities, we offer you the first hour for FREE! 
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